Route List


Stop Route
Bagworth - Community Centre Bus Stop Red Route
Bagworth - Station Road Bus Stop at Northfield Red Route
Barlestone - Newbold Road /Meadow Road Bus Stop MB001
Botcheston - Main Street Bus Stop at Markfield Lane Purple Route
Coalville - Ashburton Road (Shephard & Wilson Car Spares) Orange Route
Desford - Holmfield Road opposite garages Purple Route
Desford - Leicester Lane Bus Stop outsideBosworth Academy Purple Route
Desford - Leicester Lane o/s Bosworth Academy MB001
Desford - Peckleton Lane, just prior to 'Sport in Desford' Purple Route
Ellistown - Whithill Road Bus Stop prior to WMC Red Route
Heather - Pisca Lane, near roundabout Orange Route
Ibstock - Melbourne Road at Argyle Street Orange Route
Kirby Mallory - Junction Main Street opposite Summers Close Purple Route
Nailstone - The Oval Orange Route
Newbold Verdon - Dragon Lane opp Preston Drive MB001
Newbold Verdon - Main Street outside The Strand Florist MB001
Newton Burgoland - Main Street - Belper Arms Orange Route
Newtown Unthank - Botcheston Turn Purple Route
Peckleton - Opposite Desford Lane Purple Route
Peckleton Common - Red Post Box Purple Route
Ravenstone - Jenny's Lane Orange Route
Swepstone - Church Road opposite the Church Orange Route
Swepstone - Newton Road - The Dairy Orange Route

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