Route List


Stop Route
Acresford - Measham Road/Acresford Road AS917
Albert Village - Mushroom Lane/Mushroom Hall Pub AS916
Appleby Magna - Church Street/Rectory Lane Corner AS915
Appleby Parva - New Road at Cul-de-Sac AS915
Bagworth - Community Centre AS911
Bagworth - Station Road bus shelter opposite No 347 AS911
Bagworth - Station Road Bus stop opposite Durham Close AS911
Barlestone - Barton Road, The Wheel AS911
Battram - Village Turn - Left Hand Side AS911
Blackfordby - Heath Lane opposite Bus Shelter AS917
Blackfordby - Main Street opposite Old Bluebell Inn AS917
Boundary - Ashby Road Bus stop at Water Tower AS916
Coalville - Belvoir Road opp Halfway Inn AS910
Coalville - Broom Leys Road, Opposite Buckingham Road AS913
Coalville - Coalville Lane opp The Limes AS910
Coalville - Hall Lane Post Office AS913
Coalville - Hoo Ash Roundabout,Ashby Road AS910
Coalville - London Road, Opposite The Scotlands Ind Est AS913
Coalville - Long Lane Surgery Bus Stop AS913
Coalville - Marlene Reid Centre AS910
Coalville - Memorial Square, Red House Bus Stop AS913
Coalville - Opposite Marlene Reid Centre AS913
Coleorton - Lower Moor Lane, 140yard sign nr Rempstone Road AS913
Coleorton - Lower Moor Road, Post Office AS913
Coleorton Moor - Moorlands Bus Stop at Forrester Close AS913
Coleorton Moor - Opposite The Angel PH AS913
Coleorton Moor - Opposite The Kings Arms PH AS913
Coletorton - Lower Moor Road Bus Stop before Outwoods Lane AS913
Donisthorpe - Ashby Road AS916
Donisthorpe - Bus stop outside Barklam Close AS916
Donisthorpe - Church Street Bus stop opposite Halfway House Pub AS917
Donisthorpe - Church Street just before Ramscliffe Avenue AS916
Donisthorpe - Moira Road / Brooks Close AS917
Ellistown - Bus stop opposite St Christopher's Road Church AS911
Ellistown - Ibstock Road Bus stop outside No 125 AS911
Ellistown - Whitehill Road opposite Primary School AS911
Heather - Picsa Lane, just before the roundabout AS912
Hugglescote - Hugglescote Cemetery AS910
Hugglescote - McColls Bus Stop AS913
Hugglescote - Opp McColls bus stop AS910
Hugglescote - Station Road Bus stop after The Green AS913
Ibstock - Leicester Road, opp coop AS914
Ibstock - Melbourne Road Bus Stop just past Ibstock Junior School AS911
Ibstock - Melbourne Road Bus Stop opp Argyle Street AS911
Ibstock - Melbourne Road opp The Haven AS912
Ibstock - Melbourne Road, Gladstone Street Bus Stop AS912
Ibstock - Parkdale, Thorndale Road Corner AS912
Ibstock - The Redlands Estate, Leicester Road AS910
Measham - Ashby Road/North Walk AS918
Measham - Ashby Road/The Fireplace AS918
Measham - Atherstone Road Layby at Shops AS918
Measham - Atherstone Road/Wigeon Drive AS918
Measham - Burton Road Bus Stop just after Atherstone Road AS915
Measham - Burton Road Bus Stop just after Atherstone Road AS917
Measham - DFS AS915
Measham - High Street opposite Navigation Street AS918
Measham - New Street AS916
Measham - New Street Bus Stop opp No 23 AS916
Moira - Ashby Road just before Sweethill AS917
Moira - Ashby Road Railway Inn AS917
Moira - Donisthorpe Lane/Poplar Avenue AS916
Moira - Measham Road just after No 58 AS917
Nailstone - Main Street/The Oval AS911
Newbold Coleorton - Layby Opposite Vicarage Close AS913
Newton Burgoland - Corner or Main Street/Newton Road/Snarestone Road AS915
Normanton Le Heath - Ashby Road/Main Street Junction AS912
Oakthorpe - New Street outside No 14 AS915
Oakthorpe - The Square AS915
Overseal - Moira Road/Hall Croft Avenue AS916
Overseal - Woodville Road/Hall Croft Avenue AS916
Ravenstone - Ashby Road opposite Beech Avenue AS910
Ravenstone - Leicester Road opposite Ravenslea AS910
Snarestone - Main Street opposite Quarry Lane AS915
Swepstone - Church Street opposite the Church AS915
Whitwick - Brooks Lane. 1st bus stop outside 47/49 AS913
Whitwick - Hall Lane Bus Stop, Opposite The Lady Jane AS913
Whitwick - Market Place Bus Stop AS913
Woodville - Ashby Road/Greyhound Inn AS916
Worthington - Opposite Church Street Bus Stop AS913
Worthington - Opposite The Malt Shovel AS913

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